4 Reasons Michael B. Jordan Is Wrongly Named The Sexiest Man Alive 2020!

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  • POSTED ON: November 18, 2020

The popular actor of Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan and the champion boxer was selected as the People’s Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. He is the third Black actor to have been honored with the annual pop culture title.

The news was uncovered on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show On Tuesday, where the 33-year-old actor appeared onto the late-night show, disguised in a yellow hazmat suit with a yellow smiley covering his face.

“You’re also the safest man alive,” host Jimmy Kimmel joked as he explained to the audience who's behind the hazmat suit.

“Are you an Avenger in movies?” one viewer guessed and received no for an answer.

“Are you Channing Tatum?” the answer was again no!

A viewer named Ashley from Los Angeles asked, “Do you have children? But the response was a “no” again, she suggested again, “Are you Michael B. Jordan Black Panther actor?”

The host and the man in a hazmat suit looked at each other before the Black Panther actor unzipped and revealed his face to prove that Ashley had guessed correctly!

He’s sexy, he’s alive!” the audience chants enthusiastically.

In this week’s cover story, the 33-years-old actor tells People that his confidence comes from “fully realizing that you can’t make everybody happy.”

He stated in an interview with the magazine that he likes to be a part of this club.

Jordan started his career from TV shows as a child actor such as “All My Children” and eventually garnered success and fame with his breakthrough performance in  “Fruitvale Station” - a social justice drama!

In 2015, the actor starred in the boxing sequel “Creed” and “Rocky”, and later appeared in Marvel's Black Panther movie as a lead antagonist ‘Erik Killmonger.’ These are some of the top Michael B Jordan movies.

Jordan said that the ladies in his family, especially Michael B Jordan wife, are pretty happy and proud of him for getting this title.

Despite all the charms and spells, there are some people who believe that he’s not even worthy of this title! Here are four reasons why Michael B. Jordan is wrongly named the ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’

  1. Because he doesn’t date black women

Michael B. Jordan celebrates Birthday 32 Hollywood-style; see photographs,  videos | Mass Appeal News

Source: dailymail.com

The star was once spotted with someone suspected to be his girlfriend. When the pictures of the couple hit the internet, people were outraged that the woman pictured was not black and they even decided to boycott his upcoming movie ‘Black Panther.”

In November 2017, he even confirmed the biggest rumor about himself and said  “I don’t date black women.”

He was even caught partying in a yacht full of non-Black women. It was obvious that he preferred White women over Black women.

Though the actor has been vocal in calling for greater diversity in Hollywood, he's quite the opposite when it comes to personal affairs. What an irony!

  1. He once compared Black women with Chocolate

Throw Me In The Ocean”: Michael B. Jordan's Milky Mayo-y Boat Tour Is  Causing Internet Hysteria | Bossip

Source: Bossip

Michael B. Jordan jumped on Instagram to address the controversies surrounding him not preferring to date within his race.

He said he loves Black women and compared them with CHOCOLATE!

Comparing women with Chocolate milk didn't sit well with his fans! And why would it? He was clearly objectifying women! Not a good tactic to escape from one controversy and igniting another!

  1. Because he believes that Black people don’t have their own methodology and folklores

During the release of his movie Creed II, the actor spoke about the need for a broad range of Black narratives on the big screen. He said he’s going to use his own production company, Outlier Society, to depict stories that have been often neglected.

While his goal is definitely admirable, he's kind of ignorant here as Black people do have their mythology.

“We don’t have any mythology, Black mythology, or folklore,” Jordan said in an interview with a magazine. “Creating your own mythology is important because it helps dream.” but still, the seemingly controversial statement upset many!

It’s quite surprising to know that Jordan actually believes Black people don’t have a folklore history. Still, he’s right about to bring diverse array of stories onto the big screen, but saying that Black people don’t have original methodologies is completely ignorant of him and dumb!

  1. Because he credits much of his success to luck

Thirsty Thursday: Michael B. Jordan Edition | Fangirlish

While many actors and actresses take pride in their talent and hard work, Michael B. Jordan believes that most of success is owed to his luck! He said that he got many roles just because he was present in the right place at the right time.

“I wish I could take credit for a lot of it, but the roles that were in front of me were in front of me.” Jordan said. “I have just somehow managed to string together his career that’s allowed me to push forward and grow. A lot of its luck- but I know it’s up to me to make the right decisions.”

So, people (pun intended!), what do you think about the Sexiest Man Alive… NOW?

Updated November 18, 2020
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