3 Reasons Hilda Is A Must Watch For Your Kids!

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  • POSTED ON: December 11, 2020

A lot of people wish to
transport themselves to another world – like to their favorite TV show where
all characters are dreamlike and they depict real estate charm with a hint of
magic. Can you think of a show like that? Well, we will give you 3 reasons to
watch Netflix animated series Hilda and also make your kids watch it!

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Hilda Netflix is the
streaming platform’s brush with a magic that will become your perfect escape.
The main character of the show is named Hilda and she lives in setting that is
deeply inspired by Scandinavia – stroke of genius by Japanese director Hayao
Miyazaki. She is inquisitive and extremely bright for her age and is afraid of
human beings that aren’t her mother. She was raised by a single mother so that
makes her relatable!

The settings are
supremely profound and next-level beautiful and attractive. If you children are
stylish and interested in the overall appeal, they’ll especially admire the aesthetics!
But apart from the gorgeous outlooks, the show provides you deep emotional

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If you’ve seen the
first season, you’d know how Hilda copes after moving away from the wilderness
that promises magical fairies and ponies to befriend and play with. She is now
shifted to a city of Trollberg where she can find many children to play with
but no magical creatures. Over the course of 13 episodes, she comes to terms
with her new home and finds a brand new perspective look at her new life.

everything else, you’d be delighted to know the Hilda is a show that teaches
you about your greatest strengths and the fact that they can also be your
greatness weaknesses!

every review of Hilda would tell you the power of the visual medium! The show
is great at showing us the significance of our surroundings and how they can
impact our creativity and character. In the show, it is shown that her magical
surroundings like Scandinavia had taught her to be gentle and naïve, granting
her ability to gain emotional strength and maturity. She’s adventurous and
meets with monsters with optimism and charm.

If you wish to compare
this show with other cartoons like this, then you can think of Adventure Time, Over the
Garden Wall, and Steven Universe.

These shows have similar themes and methods
of storytelling! The pace of the show is gradual but it’s responsibly portrayed
to the community of children. The only difference is that most shows like this
have candy colors popping from every angle. Hilda, on the other hand, is subtle
and muted to give a bittersweet touch. You can say that it’s ideal for older
teenager – at least as far as the aesthetics are concerned. 

This Netflix original
is based on a series of novels by Luke Pearson. Stephanie Simpson is the
showrunner who masterfully incorporates graphical themes and characters to a
13-episode series that caters to a much subtle palate. The show will teach you
how magic can be found in the most mundane things in life. Bella Ramsey is
essaying the role of Hilda, giving it an endearing stubborn quality.

However, her stubborn
nature also shows how Hilda is a bit comfortable in her space and unwilling to
consider other perspectives in life. She is strong-willed but sometimes these
qualities can backfire. Honestly, this is a great lesson to learn so adults
should also give it a watch!

Parents should
definitely give it a watch as it can teach them when its time to teach their
children a lesson of letting go and obedience. But if you think that this show
is for heavy emotional-lifting then you’re in for a treat! It’s actually a
chill-out watch that you can binge or simply watch while eating a brunch.
Unlike other cartoons, it will leave you feeling a bit melancholic.

Season two of Hilda
will start streaming on Netflix on 2020 (the most unbelievable year)! So if you’re one of those parents who
care about “what my kids watch” then how can you keep calm after hearing about the
new Netflix animated series Hilda? You must watch it with your children! This
is one of the best kids’ TV shows out there and you must take our word for it. 

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Updated December 11, 2020
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