2020 Roundup: Hollywood Edition

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  • POSTED ON: September 9, 2020

Living on a prayer, are

The year 2020 was
supposed to be great for Hollywood. We had Black Widow,
Mulan, A Quiet Place 2,
and Wonder Woman all lined up for big releases – and that too only in the first
half of the year! But then COVID-19 took over and we were all forced inside our

This dystopian world
has changed all prospects for the Best Actor (male and female) category. Today,
Hamilton is a film – instead of a theatre play. 

But the real question is,
what would Hollywood look like if the theatres were still open? If all the
movie productions had not halted? And if the actors had continued movie promotions
normally – unlike via Zoom video calls?

Well, here’s what front
page headlines would have looked like!

Smith Gets an Oscar Nod

Source: Tennis World USA

Before the pandemic, the
whole of Hollywood was raving about Will Smith’s performance in King Richard– even
before the festive season began! Word was out that Hollywood’s favorite Will
Smith has been cast as Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena,
sneaky pictures from the shooting were being leaked, and basically, the world
was in a bit of a frenzy. But then the most unfortunate thing happened – clips
from the Red Table made it to our timeline and we forgot all about his
fantastic new endeavor! His bizarre relationship with his wife became the talk of
the town and now even his PR team can’t control the damage.   

De Armas Win The Oscar For Best Actress

Source: Daily Mail

Today we know Ana De
Armas as Ben Affleck’s girlfriend. However, things could’ve been different had
the pandemic not happened. Her career was blooming with the release of Knives
Out! She could’ve topped it easily with the 25th James Bond film
entitled No Time To Die, and – wait for it – Blonde, an Andrew Dominik movie
based on the life of Marylyn Monroe. Her performance could’ve earned raving
reviews during the festival season, and by late December, audiences would’ve
joined the bandwagon by lauding her for her effortless performance. She was on
her way to become the Best Actress of this year with consensus!

– The year of action heroines!

Source: Pinkvilla

Mulan, Wonder Woman
1984, Birds of Prey, The Eternals, and The Quiet Place 2 were all set to
release this year. Other excellent movies like The Old Guard and Underwater
were also slated for this year. But we’re not that lucky! The pandemic took
away our happiness and forced many movies to find their releases on streaming
platforms instead of cinema screens.

The theatres could’ve
been roaring with success of these female-lead action films! This year was all
set to be a hallmark in history. On one hand, we had Scarlet Johansson and
Florence Hugh teaming up to take Marvel’s name forward, and on the other hand,
Gal Gadot was taking her already successful franchise one step ahead. Disney
was giving us a female warrior and Charlize Theron was going to create magic
once again on screen with her solid kicks and punches!

French Dispatch is Oh-So French

Source: The Playlist 

The French Dispatch was
all prepared to give us a dazzling Cannes opening! Twitter could’ve had a
meltdown with every single appearance made by Timothee Chalamet – he would’ve
made headlines with his eccentric suits and wavy hair. The movie is set in the
era when journalism was blooming. And considering that it’s coming at a time
when Trump makes everything “Fake news”, the timing couldn’t have been more
perfect. Anyway, the release date for this star-studded Wes Anderson movie has now
been postponed.

Nolan Saves Cinema

Source: IndieWire

The Press would’ve gone
mad if Tenet had released on its original date! The movie somehow made its way
into the cinema, but it’s not the same. Yes, many journalists have claimed that
it is the cinema’s savior; maybe it is, but it is more likely that instead of
heading towards the cinemas, the majority of the population will most likely
watch it on streaming platforms.

In a normal world,
critics that are currently hibernating would be busy writing reviews upon
reviews for this beast, but unfortunately even
Christopher Nolan can’t stop COVID-19.


Updated September 9, 2020
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