20 Mind-boggling pranks that are actually really good

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: April 30, 2020

Are you a fan of The Office? Well, you should be because the show is filled with incredible pranks. Of course, who can forget the hilarious episode where Dwight and Jim prank each other the entire time? Look, we know that the April Fool’s Day is over but you can prank your friends and family at any time you like. It induces a sense of community and gives a reason to laugh.

Some pranks are of a serious nature, so you should do them with precaution. The pranks suggested below are quite simple but still effective, so try them out!

1. Sign them up for a mailing list! All you need to do is sign them up for a goofy newsletter. Does the Ferret Association of Connecticut sound good?

2. Ask them to check out the deer outside when there is no deer outside… geddit?

3. Hide two things but claim to have hidden three because why not?

4. Replace family pictures with…Steve Buscemi!

5. Text them a gif of the typing dots because you’re evil and love giving anxiety attacks to people.

6. Send them a fake email suggesting that they’ve been shortlisted for Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network.

7. Buy a box of pirate doubloons from Amazon and place them all over your house. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your family react to fake money thinking its real?

8. How about installing a quirky chrome extension on their computer?

9. Take off the lid of their shampoo and put a plastic wrap over it. Then place the lid back and watch the drama unroll.

10. If your wallet allows, create some friendly hat confusions!

11. DIY is trendy but make it scary for them by involving bugs.

12. Go old school and put sugar in the salt container.

13. Fill their room or office with balloons.

14. Start a fake trash collection project.

15. Give fake food to your foodie friends. Present a fake fried egg with fake French fries when they come over.

16. Tell your colleague to bugger off (in a nice way) by taping their mouse to the table.

17. How about you change all the contacts in their phonebook? They will really hate you after this, so be prepared.

18. Use a fake snake and make it peek out of a place least expected.

19. Make a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies and tell them they’re actually chocolate chip cookies.

20. If nothing works, just hide behind their door and wait for the perfect moment to startle them with a jump scare.

Updated April 30, 2020
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