#StayTheFHome Requests people to stop the coronavirus spread

Coronavirus has taken a catastrophic turn in the last couple of days. Whether it is the official lockdown in Italy, Japan, and China or the imposition of a national emergency in America, every part of the world has experienced its lethal effects. 

Source: Newsweek 

The only way to minimize the damage is to practice social distance. Every country is dealing with this pandemic in its own best capacity. Germany has made attempts to keep low maintenance. With a low mortality rate, it has managed to control the damage.

With the ambition to reduce the harmful effects, a German software engineer has designed a website with a catchy headline: Stay the Fuck Home.

Staythefuckhome.com is a website that contains 12 essential keys needed to practice self-quarantine. It promotes and highlights actions that prevent the spreading of this virus. For example, don’t shake hands, don’t attend public gatherings, avoid public transport, etc.

Interestingly, this hash tag is the talk of the day as people are sharing it consistently on their social media accounts. In fact, the #StayTheFHome was trending on Twitter the entire Sunday afternoon.

This is a great initiative as it provides people with information related to the coronavirus that is accurate and verified. It not only discusses news related to this pandemic, but it also provides ways through which people can stop it from spreading.  

Florian Reifschneider – the founder of this site, is calling out people on Twitter to help him translate StayTheFuckHome.com into more languages so that people from other countries could understand and benefit from it, too. As of now, the website can be translated into twelve languages. It also has a safe-for-work mode option that changes the word “Fucks” to “Fs”.

Hopefully, Americans would take his advice and stay the fuck home.

Americans Hit Bars Refusing Social Distancing

Americans are dumb. Period.

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Top infectious disease researchers, including immunologist Mark Cameron who helped put SARS to rest, have urged Americans to maintain social distancing. However, despite their insinuation, Americans have made every attempt to disobey the rules.

What’s worse is that Americans are not only disregarding the urgent advisory of experts, but they’re ridiculing it and bragging about their lack of sensitivity. Social distance is a precautionary measure pertained to reduce the woeful implications of the contagious coronavirus as this infection is spreading among the population at the speed of light.

Up until now, it has impacted 114 countries, with 5,700 people dead. Additionally, 152,000 people have been clinically diagnosed with COVID-19, and mind you, these are only the reported cases. It is believed that the actual number is much bigger than what is being conveyed.

Keeping the fact in mind that the resulting respiratory disease is ten times more lethal than the regular flu, people must practice social distancing. The adult population is more vulnerable and can fall ill from this deadly virus.

However, observing the attitude exhibited by Americans, it seems as if they’re immune to sensitivity and care. People are going out to bars and restaurants and not giving a damn about the aftermath. Not only can they get infected by this mysterious virus, but they can even infect others. Considering the increasing number of reported cases, people should be observing self-quarantine, but the entire Boston, Chicago, Nashville, and New York City is living in a bubble.

“Social distancing is based on the principle of altruism. Treating everyone around you like it’s your 80-year-old grandmother is the circumstance we need to think about.” – said Jason Farley, a nurse practitioner for the Division of Infectious Diseases AIDS Service at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

There are many reasons why the situation in America is so bad right now. Despite being a superpower, the country has failed to meet the basic requirements. As reported by CNN, there are at least 3,485 cases identified in America, out of which 65 people have died already.

The lives of thousands of Americans are affected because the government didn’t acknowledge the vindictive nature of this virus instantly. Our leadership failed to address the core issue and brushed it under the carpet for as long as it could by calling it a hoax. Americans were told that they should ignore the “foreign virus”. For a long time, no screening or testing was done to identify the ones infected. It took American leaders three months to testify the corona outbreak as a national emergency.

Apart from coordination issues, lack of equipment is also noted. Not only is there a lack of vaccination, but even the testing kits are limited. With the national emergency imposed, hand sanitizers, facemasks, toilet papers, etc., have experienced a significant shortage, as a result of which, many grocery shops have closed.

“We’ve been pleading to the research laboratories to please, if they have RNA-extraction machines, to give them to the hospital.” – said Michael Mina, an associate medical director in the department of pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Now the public is mirroring the government. They’re doing absolutely everything in their power to increase the death rates. Although the patients who’ve tested positive are put in quarantines, and the ones who’ve been exposed to these people are asked to self-quarantine, people, in general, have been inconsiderate. Apart from this, large gatherings have been called off, schools are closed, and remote working facilities are offered by offices. But despite these stringent measures, Americans are being careless and insensitive to towards others.

When will Americans realize that the coronavirus is not just about them? In reality, it’s about all the lives they could infect.

Please, be responsible and follow the precautions!

US insurance companies to cover costs of COVID-19 testing and treatment

US insurance companies have pledged to cover the cost of coronavirus tests. Hence, the insurance companies will now take over the financial turmoil caused by the unexpected Coronavirus. 

Source: The Financial Express

However, even if these companies welcome the bill, would it be enough? The truth of the matter is that the availability of the tests in itself is a question mark. While the capacity to conduct lab tests on patients is growing day by day, the public health officials claim that it’s still not enough to cater to millions of people, if needed.

In addition to this, these tests can only aid in diagnosing the virus. There will be additional costs to bear when the time for treatment comes.

Recently, the CEO of highly recognized insurance companies such as UnitedHealth, Anthem, and Humana met President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to highlight the commitments they’ve made on an individual level. In this critical press meeting, leaders of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and other industry giants were also present.

When the companies pledged to no surprise billing, Mike Pence said that “We want the American people to know that they are covered through private insurance, they are covered through Medicare, Medicaid, and there will be no surprise billing.”

To which, Trump added, “I think tremendous progress is being made. Insurers are willing to do things for the people and their customers… that normally I don’t think they’d be doing.”

Pence also clarified in the press briefing that Medicare is also covering the cost of remote care.

Source: KUOW

Despite the reassurance, most medical insurances suggest that people should clarify which medical services are covered by their insurance. This way, no out-of-pocket costs would be involved.

As of now, approximately 1000 cases of COVID-19 have been identified in the USA, and unfortunately, the number is expected to grow.

Coachella Cancelled Over Coronavirus Concerns

Schools are being closed all around the globe, offices are asking their employees to work remotely, and airway businesses are shutting down, but the important news is that, in America, the Coachella festival has been postponed!

Source: Pitchfork

On the official Twitter account, it’s been announced that the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has been postponed till October 2020. The two-weekend music festival is known to attract crowds from all over the world. However, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, Goldenvoice has stated that the festival is pushed forward. The festival is now expected to be held on the new dates, which are; October 9-11 and October 16-18.

Now, before you jump up and claim a refund, hear us out. Your expensive tickets will not go to waste. Instead, you can use them on the rescheduled dates.

Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, and many more celebrities were going to headline the festival. If the Los Angeles Times is to be believed, 250,000 party-goers expected to turn up for the event this year.

Coachella is not the only event that has been cancelled recently. Due to the epidemic, Ireland cancelled all Saint Patrick’s Day parades, and on Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden cancelled their rallies in Cleveland.

The COVID-19 concerns are getting worse, and it has now become more critical than ever to control the damage.

Seth Meyers Points Out How Trump’s Family Benefits from “Opportunity Zones”

In the latest episode of The Light Night with Seth Meyers, Seth took a jab at Donald Trump and his “opportunity zone” policy. He is already known for his witty and hilarious critical commentary and this time was no different.  

Source: Youtube

Taking a break from elections 2020 and the coronavirus outbreak, he focused on more deadly events like how Mr. President has designed certain regulations, especially for the convenience of his family.

The policy states that investors can postpone the payment of their taxes if they feel that certain areas require more attention and want to invest that money there. Those areas are known as “opportunity zones’. However, no clear definition of the phrase is present, and Trump’s own son-in-law Jared Kushner has manipulated the law for his benefit.

Meyers accused Kushner of constructing wealthy neighborhoods in already developed areas, and there is no monitoring system for accountability. “Opportunity zones” are being exploited by many investors because there is no set paradigm that mentions underprivileged or low-income areas. As a result, one investor built a huge New York apartment building with a 24-hour valet parking, yoga studio and a pet spa under the guise of “opportunity zones”. 

Source; Mashviral

“A pet spa is not the kind of thing that helps America’s inner cities. That’s not what they’re shouting at. I have a hard time finding a job and paying rent, but the real issue is my cat who desperately needs a salt scrub”, Meyers criticized Trump and his absurd laws.

The show was placed under investigation for such heavy criticism especially since Meyers specifically named Jared Kushners. However, the late-night television host was not fazed as he had a “feeling Trump will try and squash it”.

You can watch the full video here: 

Italy Becomes the Red Zone: Complete Lockdown

Italy has become the center of coronavirus in Europe, and the country is now facing a lockdown due to the epidemic. The number of citizens ranges around 60 million, and the reported cases have reached an amount as high as 9172. 

Source: Global Herald

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has enforced the “I Stay Home” policy and introduced several precautions for the locals on Monday night. The lockdown began on March 10 and will tentatively last till April 3. In a press conference, Conte said, “All the measures of the red zones are now extended to all of the national territory.”

Source: Bangkok Post

Italy has more cases than any other country in the world except China. All 20 regions have reported confirmed cases of coronavirus, and there is a sense of desperation in the air. All events have been cancelled until further notice and people are told not to leave home under any circumstances.

Source: Scroll.in

Travelling has also been restricted, and you have to get a special permit for “urgent verifiable work situations and emergencies or health reasons”. If anyone is found to defy the laws set by the government, they’ll have to pay a heavy fine and might go to jail for up to 3 months. All major travel routes like toll booths, motorways, airports and train stations will now have checkpoints.

Source: Web24 News

Places like Milan, Venice, Padua, Parma and Rimini which were once the centre of tourism have now been declared “red zone” and almost all the citizens are placed under special conditions.

Source: Mashable

Public transport is operating as per schedule, but people are advised to maintain “social distance” which means they should leave at least a 1-meter gap between them and the other person.

Source: Mashable

Restaurants and other public places will close in the evening, and any outdoor activity like sports, gym, theater, cinema, festivals will remain postponed until further notice. Italian Twitter is filled with the hashtag #iostoacasa which translates to “I’m staying at home”, encouraging others to do the same.

Source: Mashable

Prime Minister Conte believes that they can tackle the virus if they employ the right measures. He said, “We have adopted a new decision based on an assumption: that there is no time,” Conte said. “Our habits, therefore, must be changed. They must be changed now.”

Source: Mashable

Europe has also isolated Italy and travel to the country has been restricted. La Repubblica reported that Conte is hopeful as he has been thinking about Winston Churchill and quoted his famous line, It is our darkest hour, but we will make it.

Empowering Scenes from International Women’s Day

“They kill us, they rape us and nobody does anything.”

Source: The Hans India

The world celebrates International Women’s Day on 8th March. Despite being a regular occasion, this year a peculiar stance was observed. Women marched down the streets and declared war on patriarchy. Around the globe, women combatted sexism and surveillance with utmost dignity and honour.

It seems that after the thunderous acknowledgement of the #MeToo Movement, women are not backing down. They’ve decided to counter double standards, pay parity, gender violence, sexual harassment, inequality, etc. with insurmountable force. Gone are the days when women underestimated themselves by accepting hypocrisy and injustice. The women of today believe in fighting for what’s right. Their courage, resistance, and perseverance are simply astounding. Foul words can no longer earn their trust as they’re tired of being exploited and manipulated. They rise above and snatch their rights from the system.

The women of today are angry, exhausted, ready to fight and fight anyone and everyone who comes in their path to freedom. They are willing to take risks, overcome obstacles, and even die if they have to. They demand a world that would provide them with the same respect and honor that men receive. They want equal rights and opportunities. They don’t want to feel burdened by stereotypes and expectations. They openly question and challenge sexist policies and values. They negotiate their roles and march towards a more secure future. The women of today are powerful as they rise above patriarchy and slash every bitter outrage that comes along with it.

Like men, today’s women, too, seek financial, emotional, and sexual independence. They urge for reproductive rights and sexual liberation. They want to gain financial independence and carve a niche for themselves. They don’t accept emotional labor, sexual abuse, and psychological trauma from partners and bosses. They value their own mental and physical health, above all.

The women of today are tired of explaining to the patriarchs what feminism is. Whore, slut, bitch, homo, faggot, man-hater – women are tired of these labels.
In addition to being somebody’s wife, daughter, sister, or mother, a woman is a person who lives and breathes on her own. She doesn’t consider herself a victim as she is now a fighter. She wants education, bodily autonomy, respect, and all the other fundamental rights. She is empowering, and she is the future.

This is the message that women gave out on the International Women’s Day. They took the streets to protest and preach the message to the world. They’re no longer going to be shadowed by men. They will be their own person with a mind and voice of their own.

However, this peaceful message got distorted by many media houses and armed forces. When the insecurity of men began to stir, a form of civil disobedience was obtained. Although many countries like France, Spain, and the UK allowed and encouraged peaceful protests, countries like Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Mexico, and Pakistan failed to succeed.

Source: Al Jazeera

Source: Malay Mail

Source: KTLA

Source: Box Office Equal

Source: USA Today

Source: TRT World

Source: USA Today

Source: Preview

The Turkish government had banned the March on certain locations. For example, the authorities had declared the Istiklal Street off-limits. Some demonstrators and marchers still proceeded towards Taksim Square. What happened next was outrageous as the police fired tear gas on the protestors who defied the government. It was truly ridiculous!
In Pakistan, an interesting turn of events was observed. Uneducated and conservative groups had tried to stop the Women’s March from happening. For weeks, it had been a subject of debate on prominent TV outlets.

In Islamabad, however, insecure and violent men threw bricks and shoes on the marchers while the police maintained neutrality. And we all know that neutrality is the biggest crime in times of moral crisis. Despite the opposition, men and women went on to March. They chanted for the rights of trans and non-binary individuals. They screamed against female infanticide, forced conversions of Hindus and Christians, the wage gap, and honour killings. And they marched for protection from professional and campus harassment.

In Kyrgyzstan, dozens of protestors and journalists were detained by police officers after some masked men came to demolish their peaceful protest. The activists and human rights advocates were gathered around Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The masked individuals left as soon as the police arrived on the scene, leaving 50 protestors detained, amongst which the majority were women. They not only dragged them from the ground but also tore apart their posters and brutally snatched their belongings from them.

Source: Belatina

Source: Glamour

Source: Ruptly

 Source: Oklahoma City Free Press

In Mexico, women went on a rampage and rightly so. Thousands of women took the streets to protest against femicides and impunity for the killers. To express their anger, women in Mexico were recently observed vandalizing monuments and metro stations. Mexican women are furious and tired of being violated. They’ve been instigated and provoked. On average, ten women are murdered by their partners, and no serious action has been taken against it.

“I don’t want to be the next one, and I don’t want my mother to be the next one,” said a 21-year-old university student.

Hence, we can conclude that the International’s Women’s Day was successful to a large extent. Women marched over patriarchy, sexism, and all things evil. It’s still a long journey ahead, but still, women are ready for change.

Happy International Women’s Day and welcome to the future where females dominate!

Elizabeth Warren Makes a Surprising Appearance on SNL to Help Them Roast the Fox News Coverage of Coronavirus

Source: New York Times

It was a laughing riot when Sen. Elizabeth Warren met SNL’s Elizabeth Warren.

Saturday Night Live started with Kate McKinnon appearing as FOX news Laura Ingraham, and all hell broke loose when she began to express her thoughts on coronavirus.

From calling it a “deceitful, dishonest, and honestly gay smear campaign against President Trump” to concluding that coronavirus is an “urban legend”, Kate McKinnon left no stone unturned to piss off the rightists. She went on to suggest that instead of wasting money on $300 surgical masks, people should invest in her sponsors.

She called coronavirus a “liberal fanfiction” while speaking to Jeanine Pirro (Cecily Strong), which was another hilarious segment of the show.

The real face-palm moment was when Jeanine said this: “If you see me avoiding Chinese restaurants, it’s not because I’m scared, it’s because I don’t trust the Chinese.”

Source: Vanity Fair 

Anyway, the best part of this segment was when Elizabeth Warren joined the transmission. You could see how elated Kate McKinnon was to do a comedy sketch with her idol.

And yes, she did NOT forget to repeatedly mention how Warren destroyed Bloomberg on live television.

Oh, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren didn’t forget to take a jab at people who questioned her “electability” throughout the elections.

Finally, McKinnon made a quick costume change and joined Sen. Warren to deliver the famous “Live from New York…” tag line.

Here’s a behind the scenes footage shared by Vanity Fair.


Seems like these two ladies got along really well.

Woody Allen Memoir Will Not Be Released

Source: Deadline

In 2018, when the MeToo movement escalated, the 25-year-old case of child molestation resurfaced. Woody Allen, the most celebrated Hollywood director, was accused of molesting his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, who decided to come out in the open with her story of abuse. Thereon, Woody Allen has been prejudiced and side-lined by Hollywood actors.

 “As a 7-year-old I would say, I would have said he touched my private parts. As a 32-year-old, he touched my labia and my vulva with his finger.” –Farrow said in her one-hour interview with CBS This Morning.

Since then, Woody Allen has argued and denied the accusations. He has maintained that the child was trained by the mother to speak ill of him as they were going through a difficult divorce.

“Isn’t it illogical that I’m going to, at the height of a very bitter acrimonious custody fight, drive up to Connecticut…that I’m going to drive up there and suddenly on visitation, pick this moment in my life to become a child molester? It’s just, it’s just incredible. I could if I wanted to be a child molester, I had many opportunities in the past.” – These outrageous words were mouthed by Allen in 1992.

Anyway, it seems as if the world can now view Woody Allen for the monster that he is. Nobody is afraid of him anymore as they don’t wish to work with him.

Last year, it was announced that his memoir would release in April 2020. However, the recent turn of events suggest that isn’t the case anymore.

Source: ABC News

Hachette Book Group has officially refused to publish Woody Allen’s memoir. The news became official when dozens of Hachette employees staged a walkout in protest.

The official statement states that “Hachette Book Group has decided that it will not publish Woody Allen’s memoir Apropos of Nothing, originally scheduled for sale in April 2020, and will return all rights to the author. The decision to cancel Mr. Allen’s book was a difficult one. At HBG, we take our relationships with authors very seriously and do not cancel books lightly. We have published and will continue to publish many challenging books. As publishers, we make sure every day in our work that different voices and conflicting points of views can be heard.”

Apparently, extensive conversations occurred in-house before this decision was concluded!

Mr Trump Says Going to Work with Symptoms Might Even Cure Coronavirus

The interview with Fox News on Wednesday once again made the President of the United States land in hot water. Speaking without any knowledge of the topic is not new for Mr Trump, but coming at a time when the issue has taken the world by storm, we cannot help but wonder who elected him.

Source: Mashable

This time, Mr President shed light on the spread of coronavirus and its preventative measures. His (extremely limited) knowledge somehow led him to believe that staying at home while having the virus (yes, you read that correct) is useless.

Instead, the patients should go out and work to maximize productivity. It looks like the How-to-be-US-President-without-any-knowledge manual does need a preface with a dictionary, after all, to explain what the word “virus” means.

In a clip shared by Matt Rogers on Twitter, Trump says, “A lot of people will have this and it gets better very rapidly, they don’t even see a doctor, they don’t even call a doctor. You never hear about those people, so you can’t put them down in the category of the overall population in terms of this corona flu, or virus. So you just can’t do that. If we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better by sitting around and even going to work, some of them go to work, but they get better.”

Source: Flipboard

Well, obviously Center for Disease Control and Prevention are useless forums that are continuously suggesting isolation for people who even ‘feel’ they have the symptoms- because Donald Trump knows better.

The President was also annoyed that many people got offended by his remarks. Well, it is not like we expect the President of the most powerful country in the world to talk some sense because clearly, that has caused too much disappointment in the past.

Source: Raw Story

The President later realized that there are still some people who support his agendas so he tweeted on his favorite 3 am diary-sorry social media platform, saying “I NEVER said people that are feeling sick should go to work.”

Source: Twitter

Look at the emphasis on the word “never”, which stirs similar reactions when we think about when the President last made sense.

He further emphasized that some people actually go to work and get better- of coronavirus or not, we’ll never know.
Chris Murphy also tweeted, defending the words of Donald Trump and said that “it’s his carelessness with words that are the problem”. Yes, Mr Murphy, that’s exactly the problem.

Source: Twitter

For almost eight years now, we are continuously blaming the system, the critics and everyone else because there is not the tiniest possibility that the President himself might be wrong. It’s not like the history of his insensitive comments is present to support his incompetence or anything.

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