About Hayvine

Hayvine is a force of nature in the field of independent digital media. It continues to deliver news and entertainment to thousands of people around the globe.

Hayvine is a prominent digital media company that leverages data and innovation to reach out to the maximum number of people globally.

Our extensive cross-platform network includes: Technology, where we bring the latest news regarding tech world and innovative gadgets; Social, where we discuss the premium and trending news headlines from around the world. Fantastic reporters add their own opinion and subjective interpretations to the hot news and facts; Entertainment, where readers find hot gossip and lists for latest recommendations for movies and TV shows.

We operate the global news service and are headquartered in the US. Our most successful stories that garner attention and audience engagement prove to foster real-world impact like eye-opening empowering Scenes from International Women’s Day or the infamous Amazon Refuses to Pay Employees for Staying at Home. Critically acclaimed and award-winning reporting is a staple!

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